Checklist for what to pack for a safari

Safaris in Zimbabwe have put together a check-list what to pack in your luggage going on a safari in Zimbabwe.

● Your personal medication/prescriptions – replacing these in Zimbabwe is not always possible.

● A digital camera with spare batteries, battery charger and plenty of memory cards. You will be taking many pictures. If possible, bring different lenses for your camera.

● Binoculars are very useful on a safari.

● Flashlight

If you are traveling in the winter, please bring along a warm jacket, scarf, gloves and woolen or fleece headwear. It can be very cold in the mornings and late evenings specially on game drives. During the day, it can get quite hot, even in the winter so bring light summer clothes also.

The best way to deal with winter is to dress in layers. If you are travelling in summer, a good sweater (jumper) is recommended, as it can get rather cool, especially if you are doing any boat trips as well as a light raincoat. Light trousers and a cool long-sleeved shirt in the evenings in summer will help protect you from the mosquitoes. For the remainder bring light cotton clothing.

For walks it is recommended that you bring neutral coloured clothing (beige, khaki, olive, stone etc.) but when travelling in the vehicle, most colours are fine – light colours generally being cooler. Dark blue and black clothing are not recommended. Bring clothing that can be hand washed easily and dried quickly. Bring some good walking shoes and sandals (with sturdy soles to protect you from the large thorns) or thongs/flip flops as you may need to get your feet wet on boating excursions. Ladies, leave your high heels at home. Also a skirt is not recommended for a game drive as you will be jumping in and out of the 4×4.

You may get opportunities to swim, so bring along a swimming outfit. Don’t forget your sun hat and sun protection.

Finally, bring your best smile with you as you will have a great experience in Zimbabwe.