Activities in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a town full of activities. When you are in Victoria Falls you will always find something to do. If you need adventure – it is here, if you looking for peacefulness – it is here or if you are looking for nature – it is here. Victoria Falls has everything for you!

Victoria Falls Full Day Experience

Discover one of the world’s 7 natural wonders, the magnificent Victoria Falls and the man made Bridge that links Zimbabwe to Zambia. Experience a memorable Sunset Cruise on Africa’s 4th Largest River the Zambezi. Enjoy authentic African Cuisine and heritage at The Boma Dinner, Drums and Dance Show.

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Helicopter Flight Over Victoria Falls

Take in the view from the top on this thrilling helicopter ride over Victoria Falls. You’ll experience a bird’s eye view of one of the world’s seven natural wonders and learn what the explorer David Livingstone meant when he described the beauty of this Southern African destination.

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Guided Tour at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world, well-deserving of its nickname as “The Smoke that Thunders.” Gain greater understanding and appreciation of the World Heritage Site on this 2-hour guided tour of the falls, which includes a walking safari and information about the history and local wildlife of the area. 

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Sunrise Photography Tour at Victoria Falls

Head to Victoria Falls at dawn to photograph the magical moment of the sun rising over the majestic Victoria Falls. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or an expert in the field, guidance from a professional photographer ensures you set up in the best spot so you don’t miss the ideal shot. Plus, get tips on the best settings to use to capture the sunrise and falling water.

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Photography and Video tour in Zambezi National Park

Head to close by Zambezi National Park at dawn to photograph the magical moment of the natures waking up. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or an expert in the field, guidance from a professional photographer ensures you set up in the best spot so you don’t miss the ideal shot. Plus, get tips on the best settings to use to capture the sunrise and the natur. Also, you will get your very own video of this amazing trip.

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Half a Day Game Drive in Zambezi National Park

Enjoy a Game Drive in our very own Zambezi National Park, which is very serene and not too many vehicles all over thus allowing you a natural experience of the wild. Our guides are well trained and would offer the quality guiding in various subjects of the nature. During 3 hours you will learn a lot of the wildlife and nature of Zimbabwe.   

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Full Day Game Drive in Zambezi National Park

This safari is quite unique from other safaris such as the Chobe and Hwange National Parks day trips, due to the close proximity of the Zambezi National Park and Chamabondo National Park situated just six kilometres up river from the Victoria Falls. Chamabondo National Park is 8km south of the Victoria Falls town so there is no need for the long drive of 80kms to the over marketed Chobe National Park or 180 kms to Hwange National Park. There is an abundance of both animals and bird life is prolific particularly along the banks of the Zambezi. The following animals can be seen: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, giraffes, elands, hippopotamus, kudus, hyaenas, waterbucks, sables, warthogs, baboons as well as many other species.

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Birding Safari on Zambezi River

Bird Watching Safari, catering for the keen twitcher, our bird watching safari offers tailor-made trips depending on which species are needed to be found. Either by open safari vehicle, by foot or by boat we search for an array of species through a variety of habitats such as Teak and Mopane woodlands, grassland and riverine forest of the Zambezi National Park.

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Cooking and dining with a local family

You will be visiting a local family in Victoria Falls, help them prepare a traditional dinner that you will share together with them. After dinner you all sit down around the fireplace, sharing experiences of life. This is an activity for you that wants to get to know the true Zimbabwe, the culture and the people.

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Dinner Cruise on the Zambezi River

The dinner cruise departs from the Zambezi River cruise terminal and initially cruises downstream towards the Victoria Falls. Here you can get a glimpse of the spray from the falls. You will then cruise upstream to catch the sun before it sinks into the Zambezi River. You are treated to a beautiful Zambezi River sunset. As the sun goes down you are served the first course of your dinner. You will continue to cruise upstream as you enjoy the warm African evening and you are served your delicious dinner. All the meals served have been freshly prepared on board by the experienced chefs. The dinner cruise is an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend your evening in Victoria Falls.

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Sunset Cruise on Zambezi River

Watch the sunset on this Zambezi River cruise from Victoria Falls. Light refreshments and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks keep you refreshed as you search for animals like crocodiles, birds, and hippos in the wild. This tour also includes hotel pickup and drop-off from Victoria Falls for seamless transportation.

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Horse Ridning Safari

Experience the wonders of Victoria Falls and mighty Zambezi River witnessing exciting wildlife scenes and stunning landscapes close up on horseback. In the starkly beautiful African bush, Alison and her horses provide you with the ultimate and unique safari experience. Visit one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world, whilst enjoying the privilege of close encounters on nearby beautiful horse trails.

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Elephant Interaction

Enjoy this amazing opportunity to interact with elephants. You will be given the opportunity to feed them and touch them. They do take certain commands like salute. Due to respect of the animals we don’t offer any rides.

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Bungee Jump and Bridge Swing from the Victoria Falls Bridge

Experience Africa’s biggest adrenaline rush with this bungee jumping and bridge swing adventure at the Victoria Falls Bridge. Take a dive into open air surrounded by epic landscapes, rushing waterfalls and the roaring Zambezi River. It’s the thrill of a lifetime and it only takes place here!

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Gorge Swing in Victoria Falls

The Wild Horizons Gorge Swing is a thrilling and mind blowing experience. Leap into the wide-open air as you plunge into the mouth of the Batoka gorge, Victoria Falls. Scream as you break free of the fear and trepidation you felt before you threw yourself off the platform. Zero Gravity!

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Zipline in Victoria Falls

This is the longest Zip Line (Foofie Slide) ride in the world. Imagine the Adrenalin rush traveling a speed of 106 km’s hurtling 425 m across the gorge, while suspended 120 m above the breath taking beauty of the Zambezi water below! As the river zigzags down the Batoka Gorges, our cable is suspended across from one side to the other. For this product you are harnessed and attached to a pulley, then launched over the edge picking up speed as you descend over the water and reaching a speed of 106 km an hour.

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Bike Tour in Victoria Falls

Gain an overview of Victoria Falls in just a few hours on this small-group bike tour, with hotel pickup and drop-off ensuring a hassle-free trip. Zip around town markets, shops, and landmarks with ease, learning more about the region’s history and culture from your guide, then cruise along the Zambezi River in search of scenic gems such as the ancient Big Tree, Bakota Gorges, and Victoria Falls Bridge.

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Victoria Falls Cultural Village Tour

Experience local culture of Zimbabwe. This tour will expose you to the daily conditions of locals and how they live, their chores and what is sometimes taken for granted can mean the world to others. You will meet the chief and his family and he will explain how the chieftaincy has been preserved and passed on from generation to generation. Monogamy is a tradition that is still practiced in the country although some no longer value it.

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Chinotimba Township Tour

Discover life around Victoria Falls during this visit to the Chinotimba township, home to roughly 20,000 people. Learn about the Nambya and Tonga people who are indigenous to the area as you explore old homes, taverns, churches, and local markets. This tour is ideal for those who want to learn more about Zimbabwean culture and the history of Victoria Falls.

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