Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is the home to some big herds of elephants and is known for regular sightings of cheetah, leopard and lion, as well as one of Africa’s largest populations of the endangered wild dog and rare species such as roan and sable. Birdwatchers will be impressed with the 500 species recorded in Hwange National Park.

The park has no permanent natural water sources, so once the rains have stopped and the landscape starts to dry out from June onwards, animals have to rely on the manmade pumped waterholes for water. Animal sightings – wild dog, lion, leopard and cheetah are highlights – are easy to come by, but by far the mammals that Hwange is most famous for are its elephants. Around 50 000 of the giant creatures roam Hwange each year, and during the dry season from June to October, huge herds congregate around waterholes, making the park one of the best places in the world for elephant viewing.

What makes Hwange so special is its beauty. For all of its biodiversity, huge herds of elephants and ease of sightings in the winter months, the park never gets crowded, which means you have the space and the quiet to soak up the magic of the bush.

Full day in Hwange National Park

Enjoy a full day trip from Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park, starting at around 6:00 am from Victoria Falls town to Hwange. In Hwange Natiolan Park you will enjoy a full day jeep safari  where you get exposed to over 100 mammal species and some of the world’s largest elephant population. Hwange National Park is also know for the lion, leopard, buffalo, hippo and crocodile. The Park is a home to over 400 bird species also. Free lunch at the Hwange Main Camp is offered before another afternoon safari drive where you will continue to discover the rich Hwange National Park.

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Hwange Over Night Camping

At around 05:30am we will have a meet and greet at the Victoria Falls Hotel. If you are staying in another hotel we will pick you up and transport you to Victoria Falls Hotel.After that we drive towards camp where we will do the check in and a small briefing with a game plan. We will then leave for our first game drive until lunch that will be served in the camp or out in the bush. After lunch we will continue with our afternoon safari and a sundowner. Back at camp a  3 course meal dinner is served. For you that would like a night game drive, there are options to an extra cost.

Next morning will start with a game drive befor going back to Victoria Falls. Breakfast will be served in the bush.

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